The Engine

This is what drivers fear most. Failures such as breakage of the distribution belt or broken rings, end up causing significant damage, which has raised the cost of repair even more.

 The bodywork:

It is the most damaged in case of some “rayon,” and you must perform ironing or painting, which can be more expensive than you think.

The injectors:

They are responsible for feeding the engine, but due to their use, they are often clogged or damaged by dirt.

The catalyst:

Although his life is around 120 thousand kilometers, he is sometimes compromised early. This piece is in the exhaust pipe, and a sign that it starts to fail is the lack of power.

Although these repairs can be costly, one way to deal with it is through your All Risk vehicle insurance. This coverage also covers the damages caused to the car in different circumstances, and it will only be necessary to cancel the amount corresponding to the deductible, which most times ends up being much cheaper than paying the full account. Check out Castle Rock auto repair shops